Sea Lion Caves

“[…]¬†There are a lot of bugs in the caves, and they kind of smell like sea lion poop. Most of the sea lions were outside today, while only 6 sea lions were in the cave itself. Given the entrance price of $14.00, that works out to $2.33 per sea lion. The lions are big and fun and sleepy; maybe I was meant to be a sea lion in another life.

We went outside to find the rest of the sea lions, which meant we had yet another long hike ahead of us. Ugh. We finally got to the viewpoint and saw close to 100 sea lions sunning themselves down on the rocks. The problem is, they’re over 200 feet away from the viewpoint. There were a few seals down there, too. The seals were the only animals actually moving around, while the sea lions were pretty comatose. From a distance, they look like big armless bears. […]

-Jared K., Yelp

By Art Bromage from Seattle (Sea Lion Cave) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons